Women Hooking Up Online – Progress or Decline?

The number of women on hookup websites is growing increasingly every single day. However, not all of these women experience the same success that some experience when they join a hookup website. The experience of failure and slow progress can be really challenging and sometimes painful. When you have been declined many times online, you may tend to feel like you’re worthless. You can’t understand why not even one of the millions of men on the internet would not notice you. There are a number of things you can do to increase the chances of meeting the right guy online.

Know what you really want

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“Research and know what you really want”

You’ll not find the right guy easily except you know what you really want. If you’re looking for casual sex, you should create a profile that is searchable by those who’re looking for casual sex. If you want a man who is looking for a serious relationship, you should look for a hookup website for people seeking serious relationships. By knowing what you want, you’ll be able to look for it at the right places. Those who are looking for sex can even hook up with a wonderful guy within a very short time; this is not a difficult thing to do if you know what your choices are. If you join a hookup website just out of sheer adventure you’ll definitely burn out trying to locate the right guys.

Location is very important

If you want to hook up with a guy pretty quick, it will be a waste of time hitting on guys who are so far away. If you trust the banaughty review discussed here most women gravitate to dating in their area, but there’s no way to know if benaughty.com is a scam or not. Why not try entertaining guys who live with you in the same city? If you narrow your search and hunt close to home, you’ll be surprised that there are many wonderful guys living just within the same vicinity with you. Meeting with people from the same city also makes you feel more confident. People will hardly be afraid of hurting others within their own town for fear of being found out. It is also common practice for men who want to hook up to start by searching for girls within their vicinity. You’ll receive less attention from men if you live in Europe whiling wanting to hook up with a girl in Africa. Long distance relationships are hard to handle and they most often do not turn out well. Look for men in places where that make meeting with them very easy. They’ll become very interested in you. Those who are distant will prefer to talk to guys they can easily meet or else girls will need to travel far to meet.

How does your profile look like?

keep it interesting

“Your Profile is your USP”

Your profile is your selling tool and you’ll need to make it stand out. This doesn’t mean that you should pull up pictures of models from the internet and pretend they’re yours. You do not need to edit your photos as well. Guys are not so daft, and the smart ones (those you may ardently want to meet) will know when you are dishonest about things you put on your website. Keep it simple, keep it neat, and keep it interesting. But remember that not everything about you should go to your profile. You can simply share general information, indicating your hobbies, your passions, what you’re looking for and the kind of man you want to meet. Do not get desperate to the point of posting your phone number on your profile. It can end up in the hands of bad guys and scammers. Do not post your email on your profile as well; you never know who has access to it.

Keep your mind open and don’t expect too much

Love happens

“Keep your expectations in check”

If you hope to find your prince charming very easy, you may be setting yourself up for great deception. Love happens, and it happens sometimes when you do not hope for it. If you broaden your mind, you’ll explore every possibility. Do not limit your preferences to certain races, people with a specific shade of skin, height and body built. You’ll certainly make your profile easily sortable, if your preferences are wide. By making a profile that is searchable by people with different tastes, your type of man will have the possibility of finding you easily as well.

Consider offline dating

Offline dating is traditional, and no matter the tools and the technology you use to date, you will always come back to dating physically. So, if you think that it isn’t just working on hookup websites, you should turn traditional. It could be that online dating isn’t meant for you. Even if you feel comfortable chatting and dating online, it is always healthy to keep a balance between meeting people personally and dating them in the virtual world, so take time to hang out with friends, visit bars from time to time. Go to places where you think men will probably notice you.

Improve the way you communicate

protecting your identity

“Communicate properly with the one you really like”

Communication is very important when you are looking for a date at a hookup dating site, and here, it is not about being intelligent or witty. You should learn to speak your mind in clear, simple terms. As a woman, you’ll certainly get many emails and messages from men, but you should know how to sort out the right ones. Remember that it cannot always be about the guy showing interest in you. If you think the guy is hot, then thousands of women online will also think the same way and they’ll be showing him their interest. By knowing how to communicate and what to say when you chat with the man, you’ll increase your chances of hooking up with him. Men have their egos and they also love to be flattered. Make the man who catches your attention feel that you’re genuinely interested in him.
You’ll increase your chances of hooking up with the right guy if you take the above points into consideration. But you should not forget that online dating has many pitfalls. Most of the dating sites are free, which means anyone can join, scammers included. Learn as much as you can about protecting your identity and keeping your image out of harm’s way. Until you finally meet anyone physically, do not make yourself too comfortable with him. You may also want to take a break and consider other hookup sites. You should always check reviews on dating sites and check their reputation before joining. Do not give up, he may not come too soon, but he’ll surely come. Date with the confidence that you’re a desirable woman. This confidence in yourself will attract the best guys to you.

Should You Forgive A Cheater?


“Do they deserve your forgiveness?”

If you have ever been cheated on, you know the pain it can cause. In most cases, the fact that your partner or spouse has slept with someone else isn’t the whole issue. The feeling of not knowing your partner as well as you thought you did or a loss of trust is what really eats away at your relationship. There are instances where you want to forgive your partner and sometimes, you just know you can’t. A good deal on whether or not your partner should be forgiven depends on you as a person and how seriously the affair was. The question still remains, should you forgive someone who has cheated?

Consider What Forgiveness Means to You

“Know the importance of forgiveness”

“Know the importance of forgiveness”

We often say that we forgive someone for hurting us, but is it just something we say, or do we really mean it? If your partner has cheated on you, can you with a guilt-free heart forgive them? Remember, forgiveness is easier said than done. When you really look back objectively how that person has betrayed your trust, you may be surprised to find that there is not much there. Once you have forgiven your partner, can you move forward with your relationship?

If you feel that you can’t even stand being in the same room as someone who has cheated on you, forgiveness is meaningless.

There is no point is saying you forgive your partner unless you can keep any and all ill thoughts at bay. You should forgive your partner if you feel that you can continue your relationship with him or her. If you can’t, that’s the moment when you file for divorce or break up.

How You Found Out About the Affair

“If he told you, he is guilty and deserves your forgiveness”

“If he told you, he is guilty and deserves your forgiveness”

There are usually two ways to find out about an affair. The first way your partner or spouse lets you know, but in extreme cases, you find out through other means. Whether or not you can forgive someone greatly depends on how honest they were about the affair.

Did you catch them in the act? If you found out about the affair through a friend or just by catching your partner in the act, forgiveness is much harder to come by. The ultimate betrayal of your trust is your partner thinking he or she can go behind your back and perhaps even get away with it. It takes a certain kind of person to keep an affair under wraps and not feel any guilt.

Your relationship is worth salvaging if your partner was honest about the affair. There is a form of sincerity coming clean. Understand that if it is hard for you to hear your partner had an affair, it is much harder for your partner to be honest about it. It is not easy to be honest about the mistakes you’ve made, no matter how big or small.

How Many Affairs There Were

“Make sure that you are ready to forgive”

“Make sure that you are ready to forgive”

Some people just can’t stop cheating as it is in their nature. A few of these individuals do make the mistake of having a serious relationship on the side and hurting a partner or a spouse in the process. Perhaps one affair or a one night stand is forgivable, but if it is an ongoing thing, it can be a sign of trouble.

How many affairs has your partner had? It is truly important that you know where you’re at in your relationship. If your partner claims to have only had one affair, but you find out there were two others before, it is much harder to work out your problems. Someone who is constantly on the prowl for affairs has an obviously traumatic and addictive personality. Most people who are serial cheaters and fall prey to cheater dating scams are people who need professional help.

There Is a Difference between Unfaithful Men and Women

Men who cheat do so because they want a physical relationship. In most cases, for men it’s really about the sex or getting physical. For some reason, men are more biologically prone to cheating due to their sexual natures.

On the other hand, plenty of women cheat as well, but for very different reasons. Women tend to cheat because they don’t feel loved or don’t enjoy enough intimacy from their partners. They tend to get more involved in an affair and perhaps for this reason, an affair means a lot more to a woman than it does to a man.

For some people, it is easier to forgive their partners when they have cheated once they see that men cheat due to biological reasons and women do so to get attention. In either case, the trust is still betrayed and whether or not you can patch up your relationship truly depends on you. The fact that something can be scientifically explained doesn’t always make the action right or any less harmful in a relationship.

Some Suffer from Pathological Narcissism

It is an entirely different feeling to decide whether or not to forgive someone who is suffering from a condition. Some people suffer from something called pathological narcissism. These types of people can’t help but feel that they need an affair to make them feel attractive, successful, superior and powerful. Narcissists often need sexual intimacy to keep them feeling good. Unfortunately, much like with drugs, the dosage needs to increase to retain the same high feeling.

Pathological narcissists will speed up the process in which they choose their next affairs. In order to feel powerful and attractive, narcissists must sleep with more people. Keep in mind that meanwhile these types of people need medical treatment; they still can’t be committed to a monogamous relationship.

Was It Your Fault Too?

People sometimes have affairs because they often feel neglected or unloved. These are the cases in which forgiveness is not so black and white. In some ways, you may even feel responsible for your partner’s indiscretion. If the blame really falls on both of you, then there is still time for improvement. Seeing a psychologist can help you work out your problems as a couple and work towards a better and more honest relationship.

If you have secretly been searching cheater dating scams, but never actually cheated on your partner, you can feel guilty too. There are different levels of guilt and sometimes, both parties are to blame. If you feel responsible, or even slightly responsible for the mistakes of your partner, perhaps working towards forgiveness is in your best interest. Forgiveness shouldn’t always be about assigning blame, but rather both parties taking responsibility for their actions. For the different ways you have hurt your partner you should apologize, but don’t necessarily forgive your partner for cheating unless you know that both of you have made mistakes.

Humans are social and sometimes, mistakes are made. Your partner may have cheated on you and you may feel that you can’t handle the situation. Imagine if there are so many cheater dating scams online, how many people out there are looking to cheat and how many of them have fallen victim to scams. People are not aware of the different scams floating on the internet. Many people have criticized this site ‘Vitoria Milan’ for scamming people, but you can make your own decision by reading victoria milan review which is being talked about on cheater dating guide. After reading the review you can decide whether victoriamilan.com is scam or not.

What you need to remember is that there are many reasons why people cheat. Some have psychological reasons and others pathological. Forgiveness isn’t always the right answer when someone has cheated on you. The same way counseling doesn’t always help you work towards a resolution.

iPad: Why it’s better than any android tablet

The concept of Tablet Computers is not new as many people assume. Very few people are aware of the fact that they have been around for almost 20 years. However, it was only in April 2010 that people started focusing attention on tabs. This was the time when Apple stunned the International market with a sensation known as iPad. It brought about a whole new dimension in the world of communication devices, leaving most of the world population in a state of shock.

It did not take time for iPad to make a name for itself. The device reflected a lot of attractiveness and it was classy. The fact that it was extremely easy to use was like icing over the cake. The very idea of carrying the iPad in the hand came across as something extremely ‘cool’ and trendy.

However, competition is never too far in this day and age and it did not take long for other communication device manufacturers to come up with something that was meant to give a tough time to iPad. In February 2011, Motorola became the first Company to come up with an Android Tablet. It was called ‘the Xoom’.

Motorola rolls out Android 4.0

Motorola rolls out Android 4.0


Android tablets too are equipped with some of the best features. The fact that apps can be downloaded instantly and stored into the device directly makes these tablets highly popular. This lead to a question that was more or less predictable. The consumer class was wondering as to which device is better between the iPad and Android.

Comparing iPad and Android is a very tough job. To begin with, iPad is something that only Apple manufactures. On the other hand, Android is manufactured by every single Company that is into making hardware that has the ability to support the operating system of Google. With a number of Companies manufacturing Android, there is every possibility that some of the models would go onto become iconic in nature while some may not be upto the mark.

OS, Android Tablets, iPad

OS, Android Tablets, iPad


Although the comparison between iPad and Android is a tough one to execute, it is safe to claim that iPad scores more over android when it comes to applications. Apple launched iPad after doing lot of research. Its programmers were working on the device for a couple of years before it was launched in the market. Hence, iPad had thousands of apps the moment it was launched. On the other hand, Android was launched in order to make life difficult for iPad. Hence, the focus was more on getting the device ready within a short span of time. At the time when ‘the Xoom’ was launched, its apps category was almost empty. 

Parents: Tips for Keeping Your Parents (or In-Laws) Out of Your Relationship Without Conflict

If you have plans of being married to your spouse till death do you path, then it is important to understand that you are going to be stuck with your spouse’s parents!

When it comes to marriage, loyalties cannot be divided – your loyalty MUST BE with your family. It can be very frustrating to find your parents or in-laws all up in your marital business – dealing with nosey parents (or in-laws) can be very tricky for some people, especially people who avoid confrontation by all means.

Here are some tips for keeping your parents or in-laws out of your relationship without any conflict.

  • First and foremost, do not run to your parents with every detail about what happened between you and your spouse – women are usually guilty of this. You need to tell your spouse to quell the urge to run off to tell “mommy” or “daddy” the blow-by-blow detail of whatever issues that you may have between you.

    • You need to make sure that you set boundaries from the get-go, make it clear when your parents or in-laws are invited and when they are not invited into your lives. When you and your spouse are working out some issues between the two of you, your parents and in-laws should know that they cannot butt in.

Parents and Children Together:

Parents and Children Together:

  • As soon as you have set your boundaries, you will need to pull your parents to the side and talk to them about the boundaries you have set. Your parents are not made of glass; they are a lot tougher than you think.

  • If you have a problem with your in-laws, your spouse will need to step in and deal with the situation. If your spouse has some issues with your parents, then you will need to step in to fix the problem. The partner with the primary relationship (daughter or son) will have to be the messenger.

  • Talk to your spouse about the role that you want your parents and in-laws to have in your lives, especially concerning your relationship. Do not assume that your spouse is on the same page as you.

  • Love your parents and do your best to make sure that you have a fulfilling and lively relationship with them; however, each time that you resolve your relationship issues away from your partner you unwittingly create a rift between you and your spouse. If you have any issues with your marriage, you should resolve the issue within your marriage.

Though parents may sometimes

Though parents may sometimes

Parents always want the best for their children and sometimes go too far when their child comes running to them each time they have an issue with their spouse. It would do your family a lot of good if your parents (or in-laws) keep out of your relationship.

Be the Best that You Can Be Everyday

You need to challenge yourself to be the best that you can be not just today, but everyday! Think about it, what does it mean to you to be the best that you can be? It can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But what it generally means is to take steps to improve ourselves in small ways.

Take a few minutes and think about how things have been with you lately. Do you usually feel tired and feel like you weigh a thousand pounds? Then it is time to get off your butt and do something about it. You do not have to hire a personal trainer to the stars! But if you can afford it, you can hire a personal trainer within your locality and work with him/her until you reach your desired weight loss target.

Losing weight will not only make you look good, it would do wonders for your health. If you cannot afford a personal trainer, with sheer determination and maybe a few exercises tapes and a change in diet, you can also achieve your weight loss goals.

You can also be the best that you can be by simply focusing on bringing new things into your life and surround yourself with people who ooze positive energy. Yes, being surrounded by negative people has a way of hurting you…immensely! If you are particularly good at a something, such as dancing, singing, writing, painting etc. you should improve on your skill and spend sometime focusing on yourself. Challenge yourself into trying something new and different. You can take belly dancing classes – take part in anything that makes you feel good. If you feel good, you will always be at your best, and a positive attitude is known to be very infectious!

Challenge yourself and try

Challenge yourself and try

Before you hit the mall to get clothes, know what looks good on you. Be sure to wear clothes that compliment your body type – when choosing clothes; take your skin tone, eye color and personal style into consideration.

It is important that you dress according to your body type and age. You would not want total strangers making lewd remarks about you because you are wearing a skirt or dress that is way too short or your tummy is hanging loosely over your pants. If you are over the age of 30, there are clothes that you should never be caught wearing! When you go shopping for clothing, you need to ensure that your clothes fit properly. You may find an item that you really like, but if it is not available in your actual size do not buy it.

clothes shopping online, shop

clothes shopping online, shop

Wearing the right clothes and looking good will make you feel good about yourself and help you put your best foot forward…always!

 Microsoft: Can Windows 8 save the software powerhouse?

Windows 8 is the latest version of the operating system that made Microsoft king of tech companies. Windows 8 is designed to compete with rivals in mobiles and tablets.

Windows was once the undisputed king of the tech world, but it is now struggling to keep pace with Apple and Google. Microsoft acknowledged that it needed to release a more exciting product. The tough economic conditions and the increasing demand for tablets and smartphones have been affecting the PC market considerably. A research firm IDC said that the global PC sales had reduced by 8.6% in the third quarter of 2012. Intel, the largest chip maker also said that its production was slowing.

Microsoft revealed its third quarter financial results, which show that the revenues are down by 8%. However, there were expectations that the launching of Windows 8 would boost its revenues.

Windows 8 looks and feels different. Microsoft has designed to look like new, portable devices like iPad and iPhone. Michael Silver, an analyst at Garter said that Windows was once the powerhouse for Microsoft, when the PC dominated personal computing by offering a single device for productivity, gaming, messaging and internet access. However, tablets and smartphones led by iPad and iPhones have changed the way people work, browse and play.

The new version of Windows,

The new version of Windows,


Windows 8 launch will be Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s tablet. The first version of Surface will run on Windows RT. It is a mobile operating system that will be powered by an Arm Chip. This has kindled the interest of analysts and consumers. The company’s pre order website offered the least expensive version. The first batch of the entry level model that carried the price tag of $499 had already sold out. Microsoft is also planning to release Windows 8 Smartphone operating system.

Microsoft’s rivals are not sitting idle. Apple has already started the process for launching the new tablet- iPad mini. Everyone is expecting news about the smaller and cheaper version of iPad. Even Samsung is also offering the latest version of its Galaxy tablet.

How to make Windows 8 look

How to make Windows 8 look

At the rate Windows 8 is selling right now, Microsoft is moving around 1.3 million licenses daily. If the rate is maintained throughout the year, the company could achieve its estimate of 400 million Windows 8 devices. Windows 8 is optimized for tablets and touch screens, so it is expected that it will not suffer in the wake of reducing PC sales. No matter whether the consumers buy the Surface Pro or not, Microsoft will sell more number of Windows 8 licenses. By the end of 2012, Microsoft shares increase by 7%. The company will release Surface Pro soon, which will run the full version of Windows 8. This will help increase its sales.

Shows: My Top 3 TV Shows This Year

I must confess, my top 3 TV shows this year are shows that I cannot do without taking my time to watch each episode. Some shows are meant to be watched and loved by viewers. I remembered when Friends was still airing; I really enjoyed that television show and hoped that it would not stop airing. Then Desperate Housewives started airing and I fell in love with that show too… till the very end!

Here are my top 3 TV shows this year:

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a THE hottest and best TV show this year and most people will agree with me that this show is simply awesome. The storyline, characters, costuming, set etc are just on point. The characters on this show are beyond wonderful! Tyrion Lannister is one of the favorite characters that every viewer has noticed on the show. The little lion is smart, and very funny. One of my favorite part is when he said “I am not threatening the King Sir, I am only enlightening my nephew. Braun! Kill him if he says another word -(faces the King’s guard) There, that is a threat, see the difference? “Game of Thrones is a TV show that truly deserves all the recognition and viewership that it has been given.

Modern Family

This show is done in mockumentary style and has really won over the hearts of viewers. The actors on this show have the characters locked down – they owned the characters that they are playing. The character of Cameron “Cam” Tucker is played by a straight man – this man is so believable in his role as Cam that it is almost impossible not to secretly think that he is really gay. You will fall in love with the 3 families that the show is about – this show is funny, interesting and will get you thinking about the issues addressed on the show.

Modern Family is an American

Modern Family is an American


This TV show is centered around a special tactical team charged with the responsibility of rescuing hostages, defusing gangs, bust gangs and take on tough cases. I have so much great things to say about this show. Even though Flashpoint is a show that is centered around a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team – this show goes way beyond the usual slam in the door and kill every bad guy. On the show, this particular police team are elite and have been highly trained in areas of “negotiating”. This team has also received sensitivity, psychology training etc and are able to handle stand-offs without resulting in reaching out for their guns and shooting away.

Flashpoint When we started

Flashpoint When we started

I am proud of my top 3 TV show choices for this year.